How to increase Airtel Internet speed

Hello friends, I know why you are here Most of you use an airtel sim and you should definitely use airtel sim as they provide you good network and internet service. But because of this a lot of people are turning to airtel sim and for those reasons, you have to face low internet speed so today I am going to tell how to increase your airtel internet 4G speed through this article.

How to increase airtel internet 4G speed in 2021 on Android or IOS

Android and iOS user can easily increase their airtel internet 4G speed just changing their settings

There are two different ways to increase Airtel internet speed. The first way is that you can increase your internet speed by changing your mobile GPRS settings or you can also increase your internet speed online.

APN setting to increase Airtel internet 4G speed for Android Smartphone

follow the following steps to increase your Airtel Internet speed.

  • Open the settings app on your device
  • Find the SIM card or Mobile network option and open it.
  • Then chose airtel SIM and click to the APN (Access Point Name) option
  • Follow the following table and edit or fill your APN settings properly.
  • After filling click to the save button
Name Airtel 4G Speed
ProxyNot Required
UsernameNot Required
PasswordNot Required
MMSCNot Required
MMS proxyNot Required
Authentication typePAP
APN protocolIPv4/IPv6
APN roaming protocolIPv4/IPv6

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How to increase Airtel Internet 4G speed on iPhone

You can increase your airtel internet speed on iPhone doing following steps.

Easy Steps to increase airtel internet 4G Speed

  • Go to the iPhone settings
  • Click on the general option
  • Then click on Mobile or cellular network
  • On your cellular data option
  • Find the APN option and click on it
  • Now change your Airtel APN settings and then click to save button.