4 Easy Ways To How To check Airtel Number?

Hello friends, I know that when someone buys their new SIM, it is difficult to remember their number. If you want your Airtel number but you don’t remember it or you want to know it. And if you have no idea How to check airtel number, today I am going to tell you how to check mobile number in Airtel through this article.

Various Method To How To Check Airtel Number?

Here are 4 easy ways to check your Airtel number and some check codes that you can use to check your data, balance and some active plans activated on your SIM.

Method No-1 To Check Your Airtel Mobile Number

This is one of the easiest method to find your airtel number

First of all you want to insert you airtel SIM in your samrtphone and then check your sim is properly activate or not.

Open the dialer app and dial ussd code (*282#) and click to call button

Then you will see a pop-up message on your mobile screen that contains, “Hi, Your Mobile number is : xxxxxxxxxx” and then note it down your mobile number.

Method No-2 For How To Check Airtel Number With USSD Code

Airtel offers some USSD code to check your different details about your airtel sim. This codes are provided​ because user can get all the information about Airtel SIM without calling customer support.

open the dialer app the dial the USSD code (*121*1#) and click call button

After calling you will see a message that contains offers, data usage, Balance and click the “OK” button.

After clicking ok button you will see another message containing your airtel number.

How to check your airtel number

Method No-3 How To Check Airtel Number

Open dialer app dial USSD code 121 and 198 on your smartphone and then call is taken by customer care.

Now click 1 for Mobile services and IRV give you instructions follow it to check your airtel number, data usage and balance and some active plans Activated on your sim.

Method No-4 How to check own number in airtel

If you have not remember you number so Airtel provides airtel thanks app to check your number.

Find Airtel thanks app from Google Playstore​

Download​ the airtel thanks app the install it

Find your Airtel Number by following Method No 1 and login in Airtel thanks app.

After login in you will able to find your Airtel Number thorough Airtel thanks app.

Airtel thanks​ App also allows to check your all information related to your airtel number links data usage, balance, validity and much more. Also you can do recharge directly to get different offers and cashback.

I hope you will be able to check your number and you will understand how to check Airtel number through this article if you have any doubts or any suggestions please write in comments box.

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